Grandparents are Advised to Stay Away from Grandchildren

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The coronavirus started off not being something to worry about and dwell on. However, things rapidly changed. COVID-19 can be very dangerous and needs to be taken seriously.

Many states are issuing stay at home orders, and that includes grandparents. Grandparents are being advised to stay away from their grandchildren, no matter how hard it may be.

Granparents Stay Away from Grandchildren during Covid-19

Stay at Home

The elderly are particularly in danger when it comes to the virus. They have weaker immune systems and thus can contract the virus quite easily. Stores are now offering specific hours to allow only the elderly to shop, hopefully, so it will be less likely that they get the virus.

However many grandparents live with their grandchildren. However, children are susceptible to the virus as well. Newborns and toddlers do not have a strong immune system as well and can contract the virus just as much as anyone.

Children can also carry the virus but not be affected by it. That is why many authorities and health officials are advising grandparents to stay away from their grandchildren for the time being.

Video Calls

Instead, you can video call, or talk on the phone to your grandchildren. That way you can still see them, but no one gets hurt from the virus. There are many apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Marco Polo along with others that allow you to see your grandchildren frequently without harming anyone.

Chief medical officer of Hazel Health, Dr. Rob Darzynkiewicz shared with HuffPost that “For the time being, it is safest to limit kids to virtual visits with grandparents, either through video calls or over the phone.”

It is better to be safe than sorry. This virus has taken the lives of many, and you don’t want your family to become apart of those numbers.

In those cases where you live together or are the primary caretaker while parents go to work and whatnot, use caution. Be extra careful. Limit kisses on the face, and wash your hands all the time. When possible, keep a safe distance if you can.

The sooner we all stay at home and be safe, the quicker this will be over with. As soon as it is over, grandparents do not have to stay away from their grandchildren! They can visit as often as before, if not more!

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