Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Grilled Cheese Lion

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This Lion Lunch is something we came up the other day and it’s a quick and easy lunch to make the kids. It’s so easy that the kids can even make this themselves! Cut the bread in a circle and save the crusts. Make the grilled cheese. Cut out the crust to make nose, mouth, and eyes. Use extra cheese to cut out for the eyes as well. Slip Doritos inside/under and around the sandwich for the hair.

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  1. Super cute. I love your ideas. Do you find that your kids are more likely to eat these creative masterpieces? I'd be sad to bite into it, but I'm sure my son would think it's pretty cool!

  2. Thanks! A lot of the food that we make is the only way I could get my middle child to try different foods…he was so picky! However..this grilled cheese lion was just for fun. He doesn't have any trouble at all eating bread, cheese, and chips!:)

  3. Too cute! Love it. Will definitely have to make this.