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Groundhog Day Donuts

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Groundhog Day is coming up and we love making fun Groundhog treats! We made these Groundhog Mini Donuts the other day and we love how cute they turned out! These are very easy to make and would be perfect for the kids to bring to for their class at school!

Groundhog Day Donuts

Mini Powdered & Chocolate Donuts (we like Tastykake)
Scooby-Doo Graham Snacks (Keebler)
Mallow Bits (Jet-Puffed)
Mini Chocolate Chips Toppers (Nestle)
Chocolate Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Chocolate Spinkles

We started out by breakfast the Scooby-Doo snacks in half. We attached 2 marshmallow bits on for eyes using the frosting. We also attached the mini chocolate chip on for the nose & the sprinkles for the pupils. We broke a marshmallow bit in half for the teeth and attached with frosting. We pressed the top of the heads of half of our Groundhogs in a little bit of powdered sugar from the donut. We pressed our little Groundhogs in the mini donuts…that’s it! Super easy!

Chocolate Groundhog Donuts…

Close up…

Powdered Groundhog Donuts…

Close up….

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  1. Fabulous! Very creative and yummy!

  2. Those look so good! I think I need to make those right now!

  3. heheh omg these are too cute!!! So creative!

  4. love em so super cute
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  5. These are adorable! Love them.

  6. Hi! I am visiting from Funky Polkadot Giraffe. These are just too cute! I wish I had some little people to make them with! Thanks for sharing them with us! Blessings,

  7. oh my goodness these are waaaaaaay cute! they make me giggle! :>D

  8. Thanks for posting this… we like to celebrate Groundhog Day at our house too. I think I'll surprise my kids with some of these treats. Lynaea @

  9. They made me smile!!!

  10. Haha, these are so cute. I love them!!


  11. Haha, adorable! I need to make some this year:)

  12. This is so dang creative! I love them!
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  13. All your groundhogs are adorable. So much fun! Thanks for sharing on Two Cup Tuesday at Pint Sized Baker.

  14. These are adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I Love Groundhog Day! These are so cute! My three little boys would love to make these. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea! You have lucky sons! Have a great weekend!

  16. Just had to stop by and say LOVE IT! Oh my, so cute!

  17. So stinking cute and clever! Thanks for linking up with us this week!

  18. My younger daughter shares her birthday with Groundhog Day. I wish I had known about these when she was little.

  19. The kids in my family daycare will be surprised with their snack when these little groundhogs appear. Thanks for posting

  20. Such a cute idea ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for sharing.

  21. These are so cute! I will have to make these with my girls! I am your newest follower!

  22. These crack me up every time I see them!! You are so creative and cute in the kitchen! I love it!!!

  23. These are adorable and a great way to celebrate this weekend! I'm going to feature it today ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Jill, these are adorable! Thank you SO much for sharing them last week at our link party! My daughter in particular thinks these are just the cutest things ever!!

    I've selected the donuts as one of my "favorites" from last week's link party. Feel free to grab a button if you'd like! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  26. I love these ideas for groundhog's day. I started to giggle as I scrolled down on how clever these are. LOL

  27. Very clever and unique! I’ve never seen Groundhog Day snacks!