Groundhog Day Donuts

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Groundhog Day Donuts

Groundhog Day is coming up and we love making fun Groundhog treats! We made these Groundhog Mini Donuts the other day and we love how cute they turned out! These are very easy to make and would be perfect for the kids to bring to for their class at school!

Groundhog Day Donuts

Mini Powdered & Chocolate Donuts (we like Tastykake)
Scooby-Doo Graham Snacks (Keebler)
Mallow Bits (Jet-Puffed)
Mini Chocolate Chips Toppers (Nestle)
Chocolate Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
Chocolate Spinkles

Mini Donuts, Marshmallow Bits, Icing, Graham Crackers, and Toppings

We started out by breakfast the Scooby-Doo snacks in half. We attached 2 marshmallow bits on for eyes using the frosting. We also attached the mini chocolate chip on for the nose & the sprinkles for the pupils. We broke a marshmallow bit in half for the teeth and attached with frosting. We pressed the top of the heads of half of our Groundhogs in a little bit of powdered sugar from the donut. We pressed our little Groundhogs in the mini donuts…that’s it! Super easy!

Chocolate Groundhog Donuts…

Chocolate Groundhog Donuts

Close up…

Chocolate Groundhog Donuts

Powdered Groundhog Donuts…

Powdered Groundhog Donuts

Close up….

Powdered Groundhog Donuts

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