Halloween Bento Lunch with Lindsay Olives

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Halloween Bento Lunch with Lindsay Olives

Lindsay Olives asked us to come up with a lunchbox for them & we made this fun Halloween Bento Lunch! We love Lindsay Olives because they taste so much better than the other olive brands. We were so excited to make this for them!

This fun Halloween Bento Lunch that we made is also entered in a Lindsay Olive lunch box contest going on now…we hope that you will vote for us! Not only will you be helping us out, but YOU will also have a chance to win $500 & other cash prizes just for voting! We have a chance to win 1,000! That would be pretty amazing.

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We received a big box of Lindsay natural olives and they are wonderful. My boys absolutely loved this lunch and we had lots of fun making this together. Most kids would be thrilled to open this lunch at school & it’s a nice change from the ordinary pb&j they are used to getting. This is just one fun way to use Lindsay olives in a lunch, but the possibilities are endless!

Lindsay Olives Halloween Bento Lunch

7 Large Black Lindsay Olives
3 Naturals Green Lindsay Olives
2 Spanish Lindsay Olives
Sandwich of Choice (we like chicken salad with this)
2 Pieces of Whole White Wheat Bread
1 Babybel Mozzarella Cheese
6 Baby Carrots
2 Almond Slices
Blue Chips (hand full)
Greek Yogurt (we used lime)
Halloween Sprinkles
Hummus (spoonful)

For Frankenstein you want to cut off the crust from 2 pieces of bread using kitchen scissors. Make any sandwich and place in a lunch container (we like Easy Lunchboxes). Cut the large black olives in half and place them on the top of the bread. Cut the tops off of the 2 spanish olives & place them on for eyes. Cut the tip off of another large black olive & place it on the right side of the face. Slice the rest of that olive and use the slices for legs to look like a spider. Place 2 naturals green olives on the bottom sides to look like electrodes. Cut the tip off of another olive for the nose.Cut another large black olive into thin slices to make the eye brows & mouth. We cut slits into 2 baby carrots to look like fingers & attached on sliced almonds on top using hummus for the finger nails….

Frankenstein Sandwich

This is our Owlive. We just love him!:) We cut a Babybel cheese in half using a knife. Fill the side container with a small hand full of blue chips. Place the 2 Babybel halves on top to look like eyes. Then place 2 green olives slices on top & then top that with the tips of a black olive. We cut a baby carrot to make the beak & feet. We broke off the tips of a chip to make ears & used chips for the wings….

Owl Chip and Cheese Snack

To make Dracula & his Bats we cut out the front side of 1 large black olive into the shape of his hair. We filled it with hummus. We used the pimento from a spanish olive to make his mouth & cut off a piece of the babybel cheese for the cheese. We cut another black olive to make the bats. Place them on top of 4 baby carrots….

Dracula and his Bats Snack

We used greek lime yogurt in the other side container with Halloween sprinkles….

Greek Lime Yogurt

Here is my oldest with his fun Lindsay Olives Halloween Bento Lunch….

Halloween Bento Lunch with Lindsay Olives

Another fun way to use Lindsay Olives in lunches is to rotate olives & cheese on a stick. We also like to include Spanish olives in our chicken salad & black olives in tacos which are great for school lunches! Give Lindsay Olives a try in your next lunch that you make for the kids. Remember putting olives on your fingers…lots of fun!

Here are some other fun ways that we have used Lindsay Olives in the past that would work great for school lunches as well….

Ghostly Pita Pizza…

Ghostly Pita Pizza

Eggo Puppy Pizza…

Eggo Puppy Pizza

Spiderman Pita Pizzas…

Spiderman Pita Pizzas

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lindsay Olives. All the opinions are our own.

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    You pin it button isn't working properly. A description of this post pops up but no photo. Will you message me when you have it fixed so I can come back to pin it? Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

    How creative with just the right amount of spookiness. I'll bet your boys loved it. Thanks for sharing it at our Making Monday link party. We appreciate you. I'm pinning it to our Making Monday board to share with our followers. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. Erin @ White Clover Home

    What kid would not want to eat that lunch?! It is awesome. I always intend to make lunches more fun in our house and I always seems ot run out of time. I am going to pin this as inspiration!

  4. I would love having this special lunch, I am still a kid at heart. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday, and have a great weekend.
    Miz Helen

  5. I want to be a little kid again. I love how you pack your sandwiches with healthy stuff. Awesome!

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