Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes..so easy!

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Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes

We made these Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes yesterday and they are so easy to make!
Some of you might remember these Cookie Cutter Clover Cupcakes that we came up with for last St. Patrick’s Day…

Cookie Cutter Clover Cupcakes

They were a big hit with our readers and we loved how easy they were to make! I happen to have small Halloween cookie cutters so we wanted to use this same idea to make Halloween cupcakes. My cutters are in the shapes of a skull, bat, cat, ghost, and moon. We used 4 of them to make these. My oldest turned 9 today and we sent in a bunch of these cupcakes to give to his class to celebrate his birthday today. He said the kids loved them!

These take no time at all to make and we love how they turned out!

Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes

1 Box of White & Chocolate Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
1 Can of White & Dark Chocolate Frosting (we used Pillsbury)
Assorted Sprinkles (we used chocolate and orange)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Orange Food Coloring

We first made our cake mixes in two separate bowls. We added a little orange food coloring to our white cake mix to give it more of a Halloween look. Bake as directed in cupcake liners…

Cupcakes Vanilla and Chocolate

Separate the orange sprinkles while the cupcakes are baking. We also separate the longer chocolate sprinkles from the shorter ones to make the mouth on the skull. This saves some time.

Chocolate Sprinkles

We used the bat and cat cookie cutters for the orange cupcakes and the ghost and skull cutters for the chocolate cupcakes. Cut off the tops and cut through with the cookie cutters like this….

Cookie Cut The Top Of The Cup Cake

Frosting the top of the cupcakes. Use the dark chocolate frosting on the orange cupcakes and white frosting on the chocolate cupcakes. Place the cut out cupcake tops on top of the frosting. Decorate with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips!

Skull Cupcake…

Skull Cupcake

Black Cat Cupcake…

Black Cat Cupcake

Ghost Cupcake…

Ghost Cupcake

Bat Cupcake…

Bat Cupcake

Here is a view from the side…..

Halloween Cookie Cutter Cupcakes

These were so fun to make and a great idea for a Halloween party! Easy and quick!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big 9 year old!

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