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Halloween Frankenstein Sprite Bottle Craft

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Halloween Frankenstein Sprite Bottle Craft

We had fun creating these FrankenSprite bottles yesterday! These are easy to make & would be so cute for a Halloween party. The kids will have fun making these as well.


Sprite Bottles
1 Piece of Green & Black Foam
Black Pipe Cleaner
1 Piece of White Paper
Aluminum Foil
1 Black Sharpie

Start out by coloring the top of your Sprite bottle with the black marker. Cut out circles from a piece of white paper for the eyes & black marker for the pupils. Cut pieces from black pipe cleaners to make the eye brows & mouth. Use glue to attach them on the bottle. Cut out a hand from the green foam sheet & use that as a guide to cut out the rest. Cut strips from the black foam sheet & glue the hands on the black strips. Cut out another strip to fit around the bottom of the bottle. Cut slits on the sides. You will then push in your arms in the slits. Then wrap it around the bottom of the bottle & glue or tape on the back. We pulled off strips from aluminum foil & formed them into balls for the electrodes. Glue them on the sides & let dry.

These would also be cute with just a face, but we think the arms make these extra funny & cute!:)

Halloween Frankenstein Sprite Bottle Craft

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  1. how cool is that! Great idea 🙂