Haunted House S’more Pops

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Haunted House S'more Pops

We came up with these fun Haunted House S’more Pops and the boys thought they were the coolest thing we have ever made. That is saying a lot for all of the interesting things that come out of our kitchen! We made these using 2 large graham crackers, chocolate cookie frosting, 2 ghost marshmallows, a few square s’mores marshmallows, black & yellow edible marker, and lollipop sticks.

Break the large graham cracker in half. We carefully cut the sides off at a angle with a kitchen knife for the bottom of the house. Do the same for another graham cracker half and use the first cut out piece as a guide. Save the scraps. Cut the other half of the graham cracker in half at the points. This will be the top of the house and the point will be at the top.

Take 2 square marshmallows and push a lollipop stick through both of them. Spread chocolate cookie frosting on one side of them. Press the graham cracker house on. Flip over and do the same on the other side. We lined the top of the roof with chocolate cookie frosting. Let it dry.

Draw the windows on with black edible marker. We cut out the chimney and door from the scraps. For the chimney make two of them and attach a very small piece of marshmallow in between with cookie frosting. This will help hold the ghost.

Make faces on the ghosts marshmallows with the black edible marker. We found the ghost marshmallows at walmart. Cut one of the ghost in half. This will be the one that is coming out of the door. Cut another square marshmallow into a circle and color it with the yellow edible marker. This will be the moon. We thought it would look spooky to make a bat as well with our black marker.

Attach the ghosts, door, moon, and chimney with cookie frosting. Let everything dry for atleast 30 minutes. Once it is dry it will hold very well. The kids were running around with them everywhere and everything stayed put.
Haunted House S'more Pops
This is my very excited 5 year old with his Haunted S’mores!
Haunted House S'more Pops
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27 comments on “Haunted House S’more Pops”

  1. Just seeing this 2011 post now – August 2016! But, hey, Halloween isn’t here yet so it’s all good. Very creative.

    Tavette – S. Fla.

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