Hot Rod Birthday!

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Hot Rod Birthday Cake

It’s my husband Josh’s birthday today. He owns a Hot Rod shop here in down town Marietta, GA so the boys wanted to make one of his hot rods on his birthday cake. He has a awesome group of guys working for him and they make the most beautiful pre 1950’s hot rods you will ever see! Josh is so talented and I am always amazed at the work that comes out of his shop. He has been featured in numerous national car magazines and currently writes for 2 of the largest hot rod magazines! He has also been in a couple of Discovery Channels Biker Build Offs and is a flathead genius!

We tried to recreate his 1935 Ford 3 Window Coupe out of fondant. I never really work with fondant so this is far from being perfect! It was fun though. It’s like playing with play dough! It’s not as easy as it looks and I have so much respect for these cake decorators that make amazing cakes with fondant. They make it look so easy!

I know we are probably breaking the fondant cake law by using frosting and fondant, but my husband really does not like the taste of fondant. I figured this way he could easily just pop off the fondant decorations. I used up my box of rice krispie treats so we just covered a Twinkie to make the car. We colored a hand full of fondant black and colored a small amount light gray. I think coloring the fondant is the worst part for me. As you notice there is no color…he’s a black and white kind of guy.

We rolled out a piece of the black fondant and layed it on the Twinkie. We shaped the other pieces and just pressed them on. We took the left over black fondant and rolled it out. We cut small squares using a knife and pressed them into the white frosting. We piped more white frosting around the edges and that’s it! Super simple!

This might also be a great idea to go by for a Father’s Day cake for the dads into old and new cars!

Might I suggest cutting your finger nails first…you can see a few of my nail marks! Here is a close up…

Hot Rod Birthday Cake

Here is a view of the back…

Hot Rod Birthday Cake

I put candles coming out the back of the car. Here is the birthday boy!

Hot Rod Birthday Cake

My husband has built a lot of cars and bikes, but here are just some of them that we currently own and have owned in the past….

Here is my husbands 1935 Coupe that we tried to copy on the cake….

1935 Coupe

This is the back of it…

1935 Coupe

This is our family 1950 Mercury..we have had this car for a long time and have a lot of fun in it!

1950 Mercury

Here is a 1946 Harley he built…

1946 Harley

Here I am in a 1960 truck we used to have…

1960 truck

Here are the boys playing in a 1952 truck we used to have…

1952 truck

This is our 1948 Chevy we used to have…such a fun car!

1948 Chevy

Here is Josh’s 1933 truck that he built. He brought this home and I was thinking..what in the world is he going to make out of these small pieces of rusty junk! This is what it turned in to!

1933 truck

Here is our old 1957 Studebaker…really miss this car!

1957 Studebaker

Here is a 1947 Indian Josh built for a bike build off for a big motorcycle show…he got 1st place!

1947 Indian

Here is Josh & the boys in our 1935 Cabriolet that we just sold….

1935 Cabriolet

My boys have so much fun in these cars! I mean..what little boy wouldn’t love to be dropped off a school in a cool hot rod! I actually drove the ’35 coupe for the first time this past weekend to a car show. I was scared half to death, but it was so much fun! My husband built this car from a rusty piece of junk nothing and it took him a few years to finish. I was so afraid I would wreck it! I would have felt better driving our 1950 Merc, but wasn’t comfortable with how big it is. Maybe after seeing me drive his ’35 he just might build me my own hot rod!!

Happy Birthday Josh..we love you

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  1. the cape on the corner

    i love the studebaker! so super cute. one day i'd like to own a little nash metropolitan in two tone. my boyfriend is rebuilding a 37 chevy truck, and he'd love a cake with it on it! how awesome.

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