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Ice Cream Bunny Chillin’ In His Waffle Basket

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Ice Cream Bunny Chillin' In His Waffle Basket

We had some whisker/noses that we piped onto wax paper left over from our bunny cookies so we decided to make these adorable Ice Cream Bunnies! They are so easy..everything just sticks right on the ice cream! We used 2 small scoops of vanilla ice cream, a waffle bowl, 1 pink egg shaped marshmallow, 2 chocolate chips, our whiskers (chocolate chips..a pink jelly bean…and 1 mini marshmallow cut in half), and edible grass.

We put the edible grass in our waffle bowl. Then we put two small scoops of ice cream on top of the grass (you can get the grass at the grocery store..ours was 89 cents for a bag). Cut the large marshmallow in half and snip off the bottom corners so the ears will stick together. Put them on the top and just pop on the whiskers, nose, teeth, and eyes.

We also tried this without the marshmallow ears. We just shaped the ears out of ice cream with our spoon. You could also try it on a regular cone with one scoop! This is definitely a hit with the kids!

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I love your creativity! Your blog is full of fun food ideas!



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