Magical Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn

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While you might not instantly think of unicorns when you think of Halloween, wait until you see this Skeleton Unicorn that is absolutely perfect for Halloween. This is inflatable will light up your front lawn perfect for the Halloween season.

skeleton unicorn
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Magical Inflatable Skeleton Unicorn Perfect For Halloween

If you are a fan of unicorns or you have someone in the house that loves unicorns, this special Skeleton Unicorn Inflatable is just what you need. Standing 6 feet tall, this is a unicorn that has brightly colored pink hair, that lights up too.

This Halloween inflatable has a 10 foot long cord that makes it easy to plug in anywhere. With less than  12 volts needed, it uses less volts than most other inflatables.

skeleton unicorn

As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about a light wind blowing away your skeleton unicorn because it comes with built in sandbags that will help to keep it in place. There is also a fastening rope with 6 stakes that comes with it to secure it.

Set up this adorable Inflatable Unicorn in your front yard and have the best non scary decorations that everyone in the neighborhood will love.

skeleton unicorn

Add this spooky unicorn to give your yard for the best non scary Halloween decorations of the season. Use this lighted inflatable as a simple party decoration as well. With these durable inflation decorations, you will be able to decorate year after year.

You can purchase this adorable Skeleton Unicorn Inflatable HERE!

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