July 4th Marshmallow Pops…no frosting!

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Need a super easy 4th of July treat to make for the kids? This is a good one and most kids love the combination of marshmallows and fruit roll ups! The best part about these pops is that you can make them with out using any messy frosting!

4th of July Marshmallow Pops…

Jumbo Marshmallows
Red Fruit Roll Ups
Blue Fruit Roll Ups
White Star Sprinkles
Lollipop Sticks

All you do is take a jumbo marshmallow and push it on a lollipop stick. You take the red fruit roll up and cut it down the middle with kitchen scissors. Leave it on the paper..it’s easier that way. Wrap the red strips around the bottom and middle of the marshmallow. Take the blue fruit roll up and wrap around the top. Press together in the back to secure…it will stick. Press on white star sprinkles around the blue fruit roll up.

We like to use Target brand fruit roll ups because they are sparkly and really easy to work with.

We made these Firecracker Marshmallow Patriotic Pops last year using fruit roll ups and yellow Starburst…

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