Kittbull by Pixar Has Families Everywhere Crying

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If you haven’t seen the Pixar short Kittbullgather the kids up and watch it together. It’s going viral because it’s both heartbreaking and sweet at the same time, and because it packs an emotional wallop in less than 9 minutes.

Kitbull Pixar Short Film

As you might remember, Pixar is the house that built The Incredibles and Toy Story. They are true rockstars of animation and powerful storytelling.

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What Kitbull is About

Kitbull is the story of an abused pit bull and a lonely stray kitten with big eyes and a natural fear of dogs.

They meet when the skinny grey kitten finds his way to a junkyard. He scavenges through broken toys, ripped boxes, and a toppled trash can, all the while trying to appear to be as brave as a fur baby can.

When some gruff looking men show up with what looks like a very frightening, angry pit bull on a thick chain, things become super sad, super quick.

The director, Rosana Sullivan said, “together, they experience friendship for the first time.”

Should Kids Watch Kitbull?

To be honest, I’ve watched it a couple of times and I’m still not sure. I think there are plenty of kids that will be okay with it. The more soft-hearted munchkins may not do as well.

Yes, there is a happy ending, but the few minutes it takes to get there are pretty sad indeed. As a pet lover, it was a bit hard to watch even though it’s animation.

Then again, I cried – no SOBBED – at Toy Story 3.

Abused pit bulls already break my heart to bits. So watching this cute little guy come out of a building, clearly battered in what I can only assume was a dog fight, definitely hit me in all the feels.

You should watch it first, of course, and decide for yourself whether your kids would be okay with it.

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2 comments on “Kittbull by Pixar Has Families Everywhere Crying”

  1. I dont think this was to harsh for a child to watch. If anything should have showed a time lapse before happy ending. Need lots more of these! Teach empathy and compassion for others.

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