Land O Lakes Has a Cinnamon Sugar Butter That is Amazing

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We all know that Texas Roadhouse has the best rolls, well, butter on the rolls that is! There is just something about their butter that makes me crave them all the time! However, I recently found out that Land O Lakes has a cinnamon sugar butter that tastes just like Texas Roadhouse’s and it is amazing!!

Texas Roadhouse
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Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter

I am so grateful that I found this butter from Land O Lakes! It tastes exactly like Texas Roadhouse to me. Now, I don’t have to sneak out their butter all the time anymore!

Now, this is one of their seasonal butters, and I am just so grateful it is back on the shelves for me to buy all the time. You bet I will be stocking up!

It is the perfect butter for Fall and especially Thanksgiving meal! I’ve seen this butter in the past, but it never clicked to me that this butter would taste just like my favorite one from Texas Roadhouse!

I will literally put this on anything and everything! From mashed potatoes to, of course, rolls, to waffles, bagels, yams, and so much more! The options are endless. Your Thanksgiving meal this year will taste so much better with this cinnamon sugar butter!

Where to Order

So far I have seen this cinnamon-sugar butter at Kroger and Stop and Shop. However, you also can order it right from Walmart! Hurry and get yourself some before it goes out of stock! It is around $2.00 and totally worth every single penny!

Who is going to go grab some Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter next time they run out of butter, or just because it tastes divine? What creations will you come up with to use this butter? I could always use more ideas for this delicious snack!

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