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Lets Go Fly a S’mores!

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S'mores Kites
We thought it would be fun to make a kite out of s’mores. We still have lots of left over candy around here from Easter and Valentines Day so we are always looking for creative ways to get rid of it! These are really easy to make and lots of fun for the kids!

To make 2 of these Kite S’mores you need…

4 Large Graham Crackers (we used Honey Maid)
6 Large Marshmallows
Chocolate & White Cookie Frosting
Heart Candies
Rainbow Twizzler Strings

Take the large graham crackers and cut the edges in the shape of a kite using kitchen scissors. Make 4 of them. Take 2 large marshmallows and cut them in half. Squeeze chocolate cookie frosting on 2 of the cut out graham crackers. Place the marshmallows on top. It will look like this…
S'mores Kites
Squeeze more of the chocolate cookie frosting on top of the marshmallows like this….
S'mores Kites
Pick out whatever colors you want to use from the rainbow Twizzlers. We used 2 whole ones going down and pinched off a bit on the string going across. Glue them on with the white cookie frosting. We used heart candies for the bows. Glue them together first with the frosting and then glue them on to the string.

You can also push through a lollipop stick through the bottom when everything is set.
S'mores Kites
Here is a side view…
S'mores Kites
Here is my 1 year old and my 8 year old with his Kite S’mores Pop!
S'mores Kites
Here is my poor little 1 year old just dying to take a bite of that Kite Pop!
S'mores Kites
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Cute. I love ideas for using left over candy.

Like always, love your s'mores pops!

Food is so much more fun for kids when it looks like something else!

SO cute!

Love these! You're so creative, you need to come to my house because I bet you'd get my kid to eat vegetables. 🙂

Those are so cute! My girls would love them! Thank you for sharing!

This is beyond adorable and SO fun! I'd love it if you would share it on my Fun Stuff Fridays link up party. I think my readers would love this. It just opened up!!


These look amazing! I have a weakness when it comes to s'mores. And these make eating them even more fun! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I found you on Sweets for a Saturday!

These are so cute!!


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