Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Little Levi Turns 1!

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We had a small little party this weekend for my youngest that just turned 1. I can’t believe that he is 1 already…they grow way too fast! Where has the time gone??

His favorite toy is a whale so I decided to make him a small whale cake. I made the whale body in a small round cake pan. I used the rest of the cake mix to make cupcakes. The fin is made by cutting mini packaged shortcakes in half and gluing them together with frosting (used what we had on hand). The water spraying out of the top is just white chocolate piped onto wax paper. Very simple, but he loved it!

His big brother’s helped him blow out his candle…

I wonder if he liked making a mess more than the cake, but he had a blast! Happy Birthday my little Levi…we love you!

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  1. Χαρούμενα γενέθλια! Ο μικρούλης σου είναι υπέροχος! Να τους χαίρεσαι όλους! Φιλιά από Ελλάδα!

  2. Happy Birthday…what a cutie! GREAT CAKE!

  3. What a whale of a cake! I love it and very creative as usual Jill!

    Happy Birthday to your little guy! It looks like he LOVED it!

  4. omg so cute!!! happy little baby!