Lobster Sandals (Flip Flobsters)

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Introducing the newest addition to your summer wardrobe – the lobster sandals! These unique sandals are perfect for anyone who loves lobster or is looking for a fun and festive summer shoe. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just want to add some personality to your summer style, these sandals are sure to turn heads. You need to get yourself a pair of these lobster shaped flip-flop, aka the Flip Flobsters!

Lobster Sandals

The unique construction of the flip flop sandals allows you to wear them on dry land or when your feet are wet. They’re made of a strong, light-weight, elastic, and shock-resistant material that softens, bends, and comforts your feet.

An actual lobster weighs about 2 pounds and can grow up to 24 inches. Instead of shoving a lobster that size on your feet as shoes, you can get the flip flobster in a range of sizes, from seize 4 to 14 in both men and women’s.

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Flipflobster for Summer Time Fun

And just like lobsters can come in a variety of colors, these sandals come in a variety of colors too. Get the sandals in red, green and even orange.

These are the perfect crustacean sandals when you are looking for a simple conversations tarter or something to break the ice. They are the perfect touch to finish any outfit with an oceanic flair.

Where would you wear these incredible flip flobsters? They are perfect for working around the house, cleaning or gardening. Wear them to a town event. and of course the beach. You can wear them when you pop the question, ” Will you be my lobster?” These aren’t your ordinary crab shoes, these are lobsters and that means quality.

Wear these shoes just to brighten your day. Or visit a neighbor and brighten their day. Just slip on a pair and you are ready to go. Take it one level higher and wear them with socks. These crustacean flippers will make you the talk of the town and you are all set.

With these lobster flip flops coming in 3 different colors and sizes up to women’s 14 or men’s 11. There are lobster shoes for all adult feet sizes!

You can get a pair lobster sandals for under $20 bucks, or less depending on which version/size you select.

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