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St. Patrick’s Day Treat – Lucky Rainbow Cereal Pops!

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 Your kids are going to love this fun St. Patrick’s Day Treat & these Lucky Rainbow Cereal Pops take just minutes to make!

Lucky Rainbow Cereal Pops!

We used Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms cereal bars and cut them in half. Push them on a lollipop stick. We made a shamrock on the rainbow side of the Fruity Pebbles bar with green colored cookie frosting. We made a zig zag with our green frosting on the white frosted side of the Lucky Charms bar and made a shamrock out of heart cereal that we had on hand. Quaker makes the heart cereal and my 1 year old loves that stuff! They taste a little better than Cheerios…but kind of the same.

My boys really liked these! These are so easy to make and would be great for class party!


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So great!! I love food projects that the kids can help with. Tis one's perfect!

Super cute and you're right, they are easy enough to make a bunch for a class party.

You are so clever and artistic! Love these and it's easy enough for me. I am not artistic at all and have been following your blog for sometime now and I learned a lot! Still loving your cute pancakes:)

very cute, and I love how easy they sound:)

Awesome idea! My kids would love these!


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