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Lucky Veggie Rainbow

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Lucky Veggie Rainbow
This is just a simple and fun way to serve up some veggies to the kids for a after school snack on this St. Patrick’s week. My kids would never want to eat veggies for a snack unless I serve it up with something fun like this. Works for me..they ate the whole tray!

I just put some crackers (the gold) in a bowl (I used the new Special K cracker chips…my kids LOVE them) and lined up some veggies in the shape of a rainbow. I cut carrots in half, tomatoes, green & yellow peppers (use whatever you have). I made the cloud with Ranch dip…or use dressing. I kept the rainbow small…didn’t want to overload them! It’s so easy! Give it a just might be surprised at how things like this can get the kids to try new healthy foods!

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My 4 little ones love fruits and vegatables so I really don't have to come up with creative ways to get them to eat them but this is too cute to pass up. I'm going to try it this weekend. I was looking around your site and love your little ideas. Thanks for sharing with me.

I'll have to try this with the munchkins! It does look very cute and appealing:)

maybe make the cloud a little bigger and more puffy so that it looks more like a cloud, and less… phallic.

I love how the dip is the cloud. So cute! My kids might eat some veggies that way.

Funny! I just did a similar thing with my kids yesterday –

very cute and fun!

Love it!! Very cute! I may have to try this tomorrow! Visiting from TGIF!

I LOVE this–I did a similar thing with bell peppers, and was amazed at how happily my kids ate them! I'm featuring this activity tonight in my rainbow-themed Sharing Saturday at! Congratulations!

I always have more success with getting my 3 boys to eat their veggies when I do something fun with them, but this is the cutest idea ever!

Love that it is cute & healthy!
Beth (TGIF)

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