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Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

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Don’t you hate it when you wash your clothes and your washing machine is lined with wet pet hair? Well, this Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher will fix all of that by catching all of it in the screen!

Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

How the Pet Hair Catcher works

The foam flower part of the device floats on top of the water, while a screen below it catches everything that comes through it, including lint, dog hair, cat hair, and anything else that you might have forgotten in your pockets. This is so handy if you have kids as well who always forget to empty their pockets like my boys do. These will also prevent your washing machine tubes from clogging up with wet lint and dog hair.

It really is an awesome gadget and you can get one HERE!


Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

These pet hair catchers as reusable, but also come in small packs of 2 up to an 8 pack. These magic flowers are best used in a top loading washing machine.

Magic Flower Laundry Pet Hair Catcher

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  1. Sounds great.  But what if you have a front loading washing machine?  The instructions say this product is only good for top loaders.  Does anyone know what to use in a front loader?  Thanks!  

    • The manufacturer’s website says it can be used in either top or front load machines. It also says this: Note: It is Recommended to buy 2 or more for a washer capacity larger than 7kg/16lbs. It also says add washing soda/powdered detergent but a note at the bottom states it is fine to use with liquid detergents.