Malibu Just Revealed Its Brand-New Canned Cocktails for Summer 2022

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Who’s ready for hot summer day? Beach day or days laying by the pool with a cold drink in your hand? While you can make a cocktail, you can skip the work and enjoy these ready to cocktails from everyone’s favorite coconut rum maker, Malibu. These Malibu canned cocktails are a must for summer fun.

Malibu Canned Cocktails are Perfect for Beach Days

Cocktails are great for parties but sometimes, you just want something already made. With the tropical taste of the coconut rum and fruit juice, these Malibu canned cocktails are easy and delicious.

Starting in May, you will be able to grab these tropical paradise drinks wherever you get alcoholic drinks.

3 cans of Malibu Canned cocktails

What Are the Flavors for Available 2022?

These cocktails in a can started in 2021 with Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada. Pina Colada is is easily one of the best rum drinks there is with the pineapple and coconut combination. How can you not love it.

This summer, Malibu is coming out with Pineapple Bay Breeze and Watermelon Mojito. Pineapple Bay Breeze is combination of sweet pineapple with tart cranberry. On the other hand, watermelon is combined with mint for an incredible mojito. Of course, both cocktails feature the signature coconut rum to make it even better.

Already mix together, there is nothing left for you to do but pop the top. Keep it cold and sip it right from the can.

The 12 ounce drinks are ABV of 7% alcohol.

Where Can I Buy Malibu Canned Cocktails?

Both of these Malibu canned cocktails can be bought through the Drizly or find them at a local retailer, where you buy cocktails or liquor. Stock up and enjoy tropical paradise all summer long.

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