Man on the Moon Breakfast

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Man on the Moon Breakfast

We noticed that it was the 55th Anniversary of Nasa yesterday & I remembered that we made this Man on the Moon Breakfast a few years ago. For some reason we didn’t post this on our blog, but here it is!! Super easy to make as well! A great way to teach the kids about space & the first adventure to the moon!:)

Man on the Moon Breakfast

Pancake Mix
1 Regular & 2 Mini Marshmallows
Turkey Bacon
A Piece of a Banana
1 Blueberry

Start out by pouring small dots in a pan on low heat with your pancake mix. Then pour a large circle on top. This will give a moon look to your pancake. Cut the regular marshmallow in half & place it on the top. Cut the 2 mini marshmallows in half for the arms & legs. We cut a piece off of a banana for the flag & also cut strips of turkey bacon. Cut a blueberry in half for the astronaut & top corner of the flag. I think we cut little pieces of a marshmallow to look like stars on the flag. Super easy & the kids will love it!

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3 comments on “Man on the Moon Breakfast”

  1. What a great pancake breakfast! I remember that day well…going outside and peering up at the moon:) You amaze me with all of your ideas, Jill!

  2. This is so cute! I love it! I've been compiling ideas for my son's space party-to-be, and this will definitely be part of our at home celebration. Thanks for the easy idea!

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