Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Mancakes for Breakfast!

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Work Tool Pancakes
My 7 year old thought of this fun idea for a Father’s Day breakfast. His daddy loves tools so we made a hammer, pliers, and a screwdriver. We poured our mix in the pan on low heat and shaped our tools. We cut around the edges to give it a cleaner look. Simple and fun!

You could make anything dad likes. Try a football with the whites of egg for the stitching or a tie and decorate with fruit!

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  1. These are so cute. I love all of the creative ways to present food here. I want to try them all 🙂

    I am your latest follower

  2. these are sooo cute!!! such a fun idea:) i love that your kids thought of it!!!

  3. Those are so cute! I always fail at pancakes though. I leave those to the hubs. Maybe he can make his own mancakes. 🙂

  4. Your pancakes will be a hit Jill!

  5. Love your blog! I am a new follower!

  6. Those are so cute. I am awful at shaping pancakes though. Loving all the food ideas you have here.

    New follower from Freaky Friday hop.

  7. These are so fun! Thanks for sharing!! We love to make shaped pacakes too.

  8. Such a cute idea! We love making pancakes, so might have to give it a try, the next time that we do.

  9. "Mancakes"–I love it!!!!

  10. That is such a fun idea, for both Dad and the kids…. Lovely.