Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch

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Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch

We made this fun Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch using lots of marshmallows that we received from Jet-Puffed! This is such a fun edible treat that the kids will have fun making themselves. You can use all sorts of goodies that you have already in the kitchen! My boys love choosing parts of their pumpkin patch creation for dessert!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch

Jet-Puffed Jumbo Pumpkin Marshmallows
Jet-Puffed Stackers & Mini Marshmallows
1 Jet-Puffed Large Marshmallow
Graham Crackers (we like Keebler)
Chocolate Frosting
White Cookie Frosting (we like Betty Crocker)
Pretzel Sticks
Edible Markers
Assorted Candies (Fruit Tootsie Rolls & caramels)

We started out by frosting our graham crackers with the chocolate frosting. Place them on a platter. We put 4 of the jumbo pumpkin marshmallows on top. We made the fence by cutting the stacker marshmallows in 4 strips using kitchen scissors. We attached mini marshmallows in between using the white cookie frosting. Then we propped the fence upright in the front.

We made the pumpkin patch sign by attaching 2 stacker marshmallows together using the white cookie frosting. We poked 2 pretzel sticks in the bottom sides. We wrote pumpkin patch using a orange edible marker. We stood this up by cutting a Tootsie Roll in half and pressing it around the pretzel sticks and then pressing on the graham crackers.

We made a scarecrow by pressing a large marshmallow on a pretzel stick. We used black edible marker to make a face. We cut up pieces of the Tootsie Rolls using kitchen scissors to make the clothing. We cut up a yellow Tootsie Roll to look like hay. We put a caramel in the microwave for 7 seconds to soften. We cut that in half and pressed it in the shape of a hat. Press a Tootsie Roll around the bottom and then onto the graham cracker to hold it upright.

Here are my boys with their Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch creation!

Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch

Thanks again to Jet-Puffed for supplying us with these fun marshmallows!
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9 comments on “Marshmallow Pumpkin Patch”

  1. Elizabeth Beard

    Omg, That’s great!! I loved that your boys bake with you! My boys did the same with me and I love it!! Enjoy it now cuz now my boys are 17 & 14 and don’t bake with me as much but I enjoy the time they do!

  2. Lady Behind The Curtain

    I love all your fun wonderful kid friendly creations! Thanks for sharing them at Cast Party Wednesday! ~Sheryl~

  3. I have been thinking about doing this with my Peeps pumpkins, and now that I have seen how cute it is I just may have to go ahead and do it! Super cute!

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