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Martin Luther King Pancake Breakfast

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We thought it would be fun to make Martin Luther King Pancakes for breakfast to celebrate his birthday this Monday! We live at the birth place of Martin Luther King here in Atlanta, GA. We always have fun making “People Pancakes” even though they might not look exactly like them. It’s a fun way to talk with your kids about how important Martin Luther King and many other historical figures were to our history in America!

MLK Pancakes

Pancake Mix
1 Stacker Marshmallow (Jet-Puffed)

We mixed a little bit of cocoa in our pancake mix. We made a oval shape with our mix in a pan over low heat. We made another small pancake to use for the face details. We trimmed off the edges from the large pancake using kitchen scissors. We cut out the nose, lips, & ear from the smaller pancake. We cut blueberries in half for his hair, mustache, eye brows, & pupils. We cut a stackers marshmallow in half and cut around the edges to make his eyes.

Here is my little 2 year old with his Martin Luther King pancake!

We have made a TON of fun pancakes, but here are some of our other Historical People Pancakes that we have made in the past….

George Washington Presidents Day Pancakes

Mitt Romney Pancakes

President Obama Pancakes

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  1. Let me be the first to say those are all adorable and made me laugh out loud. What a fun way to teach your kids about history and make it fun too!

  2. My daughter was looking over my shoulder while I was reading blogs and told me I HAVE TO MAKE THIS tomorrow. She's in love with Martin Luther King!!

  3. HAHAHA! How hilarious! I love these 🙂

  4. Sooooo funny! This truly made me smile this morning. Found you via Sugar Bee's link party.

  5. Hello!
    I found you from the Mop it up Mondays link up. I would love to have you come share your post with my readers over at Sassy Little Lady’s Show and Tell Saturday. Hope to see you there!


  6. how fun! what a great way to get your kids talking about history!

  7. oh wow–these are awesome and hilarious! I want to come to your house for breakfast 🙂

  8. You're a very creative pancake artist! : )
    Way too cute.

  9. If someone served me pancakes like this, I would have a grin on my face all day. These are too cute, too funny!