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Star Wars Dinner

We had left overs for dinner last night and everyone got something different. My 5 year old wanted a left over hot dog and asked if I could make him a Star Wars dinner. I said sure..why not! We decided to make Chewbacca, Yoda, and a Storm Trooper. This is what we came up with and it turned out pretty cute! He thought it was awesome!!

To make the Chewy Dogs we used a hot dog bun, a turkey hot dog, white cheese, and barbecue sauce (you could use ketchup). Just make the hot dog, put it in the bun then flip it to the side. Cut out the bottom middle to make legs and use the scraps to make the arms. We squirted on just a little bit of sauce to make the face and band. We cut a couple of strips from a cheese slice to design the band and the teeth for his mouth.

To make this Yodalicious Salad you will need lettuce, white cheese (or ranch dressing), and 1 raisin. Just shape the torn lettuce in the shape of Yoda’s head. Cut 2 small pieces of the white cheese to make the eyes. Cut a raisin in half and press on the cheese for the pupil. We cut out another small piece of lettuce to make eye lids, a nose, and a mouth. A fun way to get kids to eat some salad! Yoda says…mmmm, yummy salad this is indeed!

We made the Storm Taters by shaping our mashed potatoes in the shape of a Storm Troopers head. We used raisins for details. You could also use black olives.

Here is my little Jedi with his Star Wars Dinner making his serious Jedi face…
Star Wars Dinner
This is a such a fun and very easy dinner to make for your little Star Wars fan. My boys love to turn anything in Star Wars..they are total Star Wars fanatics!

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34 comments on “May The SUPPER COURSE Be With You!”

  1. Thanks! Crystal…we mostly just wing it. Everything just turns out better that way. If I have planned something in the past we end up changing it up as we go along anyways.

  2. My boys would LOVE this!

    How do you create such amazing stuff. Do you sit down and sketch out your fun food idea, or do you just wing it?

    Sharing on Facebook. Thanks for linking up your mommy solution!

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