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Mexican Ant Hill Fiesta!

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Mexican Ant Hill Fiesta!
This is completely silly, but maybe that is why the boys loved it so much! We thought this would be good to post during Cinco de Mayo week. We made this Mexican Ant Hill using 2 tortillas, black beans, cheese, sour cream, salsa, 1 tortilla scoop chip, avocado, and lettuce.

We had large tortillas so we cut them just a bit to make a smaller circle. We put the first tortilla on the bottom. We put our black beans and cheese on top of that and then put our other tortilla on top. We popped it in the microwave for a minute to melt the cheese. We made a hole in the top and stuffed a few black beans in there. We transferred to a different plate and started on our picnic blanket. We just made a square pattern out of sour cream and salsa. We surrounded everything with lettuce (for the grass). We used a scoop chip for a picnic basket and used a scrap piece of tortilla for the handle. We filled it with cut up avocado. You could fill it with anything..I just wanted the boys to eat avocado. We put extra black beans walking across the blanket and up the hill. One of the ants is carrying some avocado back to his home:)

You could use anything for this and it’s so fun to make with the kids!

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This is so cute!

Very cute! I stumbled upon your blog via FoodieBlogroll. I think it's fantastic how your sons enjoy cooking with you.