A Monkey Burger!

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A Monkey Burger!

We made this monkey burger using buns, Morning Star veggie burgers, ketchup, & provolone cheese.

We placed our bottom buns on the plates. We made our burgers and placed that on the bun. We cut our provolone cheese (or any other white cheese) into a smaller circle to fit on the face. Cut two small holes for the nose. Cut 2 small circles from the cheese scraps for the eyes. We pulled off 2 very small dots from the bottom of the burger for the pupils on the eyes. We cut a extra bottom bun to use for the ears on the burgers (you could also use cheese). Squeeze out some ketchup to make the mouth.

We made potato wedges and called those his bananas. The kids loved it!

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8 comments on “A Monkey Burger!”

  1. Amazing how much difference children can make to your life. Lovely to see you enjoying them so much and including them in everyday life in a fun way. The monkey looks fantastic! Well done.

  2. Happy Home Fairy

    WOOHOO! We are planning a monkey-themed party for our Happy Buddy in a few weeks and we wanted to serve hamburgers, now I know how to make them coordinate with everything else!! Thank you so much!

  3. Dropping in from 6WS – Truly inspiring food – you must have no trouble whatsoever getting your kids to eat. I wish your blog was around when my three boys were younger.

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