Monster Munch

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Monster Munch

We made this super simple Monster Munch Mix to take along with us on a trip we had last weekend. My boys loved it! Very easy to make and this spooky snack mix would be cute for Halloween class parties at school!

Monster Munch

1 Box of Cheez-It’s
1 Bag of Harvest Blend M&M’s
1 Bag of Bugles
Mini Marshmallows (hand full)
1/2 Bag Round Pretzles
Green Mini M&M’s (hand full)
1 Bag of Veggie Potato Sticks (Eat Smart)
White Cookie Icing (Betty Crocker)

The only thing that you have to prepare are the monster eyes made with the round pretzel, mini marshmallow, & mini M&M’s. Just push the mini marshmallow in the hole of the round pretzel. Then attach on the mini M&M to the top of the marshmallow with the pre-made cookie icing. Mix up everything else in a large bowl. You can also make the eyes really creepy by adding red blood shot lines to the marshmallows using edible markers.

Monster Munch

My boys loved this Monster Mix filled with monster fingers, toes, & eyes!:)

My boys loved this Monster Mix

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