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Monsters, Inc Mike Wazowski Bento Lunch

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Monsters, Inc Mike Wazowski Bento Lunch

We made this Mike Wazowski Lunch today for my 2 year old & he LOVED it! This would be a fun back to school lunch for the kids & it’s pretty simple to make! We haven’t seen the new Monsters University movie yet, but my kids are dying to see it! They loved Monsters, Inc. so we are hoping it’s just as good.

Mike Wazowski Lunch

2 Pieces of Whole Wheat Bread
Peanut Butter
Apple Jelly
1 Drop of Green Food Coloring
1 Green Twizzler
1 Babybel Cheese
Apple Sauce Snack Pack
Monsters University Crackers (Cheez-It)

Start out by cutting a piece of bread in a circle using a round cookie cutter or kitchen scissors. Use that piece as a guide to cut the other piece. Spread peanut butter in between the slices. We added 1 drop of green food coloring in a little bit of apple jelly & spread that on top leaving a whole in the middle for the eye.
We cut a Babybel in half and placed one half on top. We cut half of a green Twizzler in strips & used that for the arms, legs, & mouth. We added raisins in the middle for the mouth & for the pupil. We also cut a small little circle from a blue fruit roll up for the eye. We cut little triangles from the other half of the Babybel for the teeth.

We added Monsters University crackers on the side. We also cut a circle from a piece of white paper to make the eye on the apple sauce. We used marker for the rest.

You can also serve this with the Monster University Juicy Juice….

Monsters, Inc Mike Wazowski Bento Lunch

My 2 year old thought this was a fantastic lunch & could not stop smiling at it!

My 2 year old thought this was a fantastic lunch & could not stop smiling at it!

We used Easy Lunchboxes to make this fun lunch!

Here is another fun Mike Wazowski Quesadilla we made awhile back…

Mike Wazowski Quesadilla


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Absolutely adorable!

How creative!! Children must love it!!!

Oh my goodness, that is so cute!
Never mind children – I want that for my lunch, I would be the envy of my office!



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