Mouse and Cheese Breakfast

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Mouse and Cheese Breakfast

We made this Mouse & Cheese Breakfast a few weeks ago and my boys really loved it! It’s very easy to make…easy enough for the kids to help with!

Mouse & Cheese Breakfast

Pancake Mix
2 Eggs
Shredded Cheese
1 Mini Marshmallow
2 Mini Chocolate Chips
1 Chocolate Chip

We heated a pan on low heat and made a oval shape with our pancake mix… for the mouse body. We made 2 small pancakes for the ears. We cleaned up the body cutting around the edges with kitchen scissors. We saved these scraps to use for the tail. We beat 2 eggs with some shredded cheese and poured it into our pan….like you are making a omelette. We cut our egg circle into triangles…like you would cut a pizza. We stacked the egg slices on the plate to look like a big hunk of cheese…with a 3D look to it.

We cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes. We placed mini chocolate chips on top for the pupils. We used a regular chocolate chip for the nose. We used kitchen scissors to cut the whiskers using our pancake scraps.

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