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Mr. & Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head Pops

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Mr. & Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head Pops

My boys have a ton of Easter candy & every year we love to come up with new ideas using their left over candy. We created these Mr. & Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head Pops to look like potato heads using Cadbury Eggs & candy we had on hand…my boys thought these were the most awesome treats ever! We had so much fun making these & I adore them as well. In fact…I am keeping my boys from eating them just so I can look at them for a few days. They just put a big smile of my face…and my boys!:)

Mr. & Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head Pops

Cadbury Eggs
White & Chocolate Candy Coating (we like Candiquik)
Edible Eyes
Assorted Candy
Lollipop Sticks

Start out by lining up the candies that you will use. We used red chocolate covered sunflower seeds for the noses. You can buy candy lips, mustaches, & teeth. We cut black jelly beans in half for hats on the Mr. We also used black jelly beans for the feet. We used red jelly beans for the Mrs. We also used white candy strips we found at Michael’s & rolled it up for the hat.

Melt the white & chocolate candy coating according to directions on the package. Poke a hole in the bottom of the Cadbury eggs using a sharp knife. Then dip the lollipop stick in the chocolate. Press the stick through to the top. Let them set. We piped on white chocolate onto wax paper to make the arms. Then let them dry. We attached them on the sides by dipping the ends in chocolate & resting them on lids for some height…let dry. We did the same to attach the jelly beans for feet. We attached on face features using the chocolate. We cut the tip of the egg off of the top using a sharp knife & then added the hats.

Mr. & Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head Pops

Here is a close up of Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head…

Here is a close up of Mrs. Cadbury Egg Head

Here is a close up of Mr. Cadbury Egg Head….

Here is a close up of Mr. Cadbury Egg Head

Let the kids get creative with candy you have on hand & they can make their very own Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Pops!

Mr. & Mrs. Egg Head Pops!

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GAAAAHHHHHH! when you are done staring at them can you send them over to my house? i LOVE them! :>D!!!

I can't stop giggling!!!! Love love love these!

These are so dang cute I can hardly stand it! LOVE them!!!


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