Netflix Just Released First Trailer for Jurassic World Animated Series

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With all the stay at home orders still in place, the tv is definitely on more than normal. Of course, tv producers know this very well and are busting out new incredible content to watch to keep us happy and satisfied. Netflix just released their first trailer for the new Jurassic World Animated Series and it looks so good!

Jurassic World Animated Series

This series is called Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous and is headed to Netflix real soon. The Jurassic Park movies are incredible and are so fun to watch, they are everyone’s top favorite. It is no wonder this series is going to be incredible.

With this series, six teens go on an adventure to the Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. Of course, like Jurassic Park, everything is all fun and normal in the beginning.

However, then something happens. The dinosaurs come out to play. These six teens have to figure out how to be on camp with all the dinosaurs running around like crazy. It will be an adventure of a lifetime for them, and we get to come along for the ride!

Will they survive? Who knows! We have to wait and watch it when it comes out!

When Will it Air?

Now that you are all excited about this new series, you must be dying to know when it will air! This Jurassic World animated series, Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous, will air on Netflix September 18, 2020. It is so close it is going to be so great!

However, if you simply cannot wait that long, you can watch this trailer of the series right now to prepare!

Who is so excited with me to watch this new series? I know it might be for younger people, but I cannot wait for this, I am going to binge-watch them all in one day!

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