New Fruity Pebbles Beer that Tastes Amazing!

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I’m sure you are seeing a lot of new Fruity Pebbles creations lately, have you wondered why? This year marks the 50th anniversary of this amazing cereal, so it deserves to be celebrated!

Many companies have decided to join in on this celebration, creating new Fruity Pebbles themed projects that are simply genius and delicious.

Fruity Pebbles Beer
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Crooked Hammock Brewery

Crooked Hammock Brewery is one of these incredible companies. This company decided to go above and beyond and create a Fruity Pebbles Beer. The best part? It is actually made with the cereal inside!

They decided to name this new creation the Yabba Dabba Brew! The taste is said to be a ‘fruited cereal sour.’

According to their product description they share, “This rich and creamy fruited sour is overflowing with sweet and tart cherries, fresh orange flesh and zest, puckering lemons, a bit of lime zest, & milk sugar – and topped off with a ton of Fruity Pebbles cereal.”


It has 8% ABV along with  13 IBU and is absolutely delicious, people are loving this new beer!

Here are just a few of the reviews on this new beer so far:

Josh M. shares, “It’s good. Lemony, fruity. Solid can art.”

Nick G also enjoyed it and said, “Typical sour, strong on the orange flavor.”

Where to Get It

yabba dabba beer

This beer is a limited-edition, so make sure to grab yours soon!

You can only get this beer from Crooked Hammock Brewery. It comes in cans, or you can also enjoy this delicious beer at an in-house draft pour in either Lewes or Middletown, Delaware.

Crooked Hammock Brewery shares, “Now available for presale pickup, and in a LIMITED amount of cans to-go and in-house draft pours.”

Who is going to try this absolutely delicious Fruity Pebbles beer? I know I want to! Stop by Crooked Hammock Brewery and get yours today!

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