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New Year’s Midnight Oreo Pops!

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New Year's Midnight Oreo Pops!

We thought it would fun to make little midnight clocks out of oreo’s for New years! Ours are a little sloppy from the kids running around and being a bit wild while making these so most of you could do a lot better.

We used oreo cookies, white candy coating, chocolate candy coating (or chocolate chips), lollipop sticks, and chocolate sprinkles.

Open the oreos and cut out just a slice of the cream to put in the stick. We secured with cookie frosting.

We melted just a couple of bars of the chocolate first in the microwave (or a cup of chocolate chips). Put the melted chocolate in a baggie and snip off the corner. Pipe 2012 onto wax paper like this…

New Year's Midnight Oreo Pops!

Let that dry. Melt the white chocolate coating in the microwave and dip the oreos in it. Place onto wax paper. Use chocolate sprinkles to make the clock before it dries. Place the 2012 numbers on the top while the chocolate is still soft. Let it dry and that is it!

New Year's Midnight Oreo Pops!

These are so easy to make and the boys loved them!

New Year's Midnight Oreo Pops!

Here is my youngest with his. He only got to eat the number 2, but he was happy with that!

New Year's Midnight Oreo Pops!

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Love them!

aw how cute are your boys, and these are perfect!

how nice!

CUTE!!! and so much better then mine. Duh' sprinkles are so much better to use. Love the 2012! winks, jen

Cute idea!

these are so much fun! I wouldn't want to eat them!

What a creative idea. I love it! Found you on Show and Tell blog hop btw.

These are so cute! My kids love anything that involves Oreos.

I'd love to invite you to share this on Thingamajig Thursday going on now…



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