Over 20 of our Fun & Healthy Snacks for Kids!

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Over 20 of our Fun & Healthy Snacks for Kids!

We gathered up some of our fun & healthy snacks that we have created. These ideas are easy to put together & make great after school snacks for the kids! There is so much junk in snack foods & by making fruits or veggies look fun just might get the kids excited to eat healthy snacks!

Click on the links for directions!:)

1. Yogurt Banana Minion Pops
2. Yoda Apple Snack
3. Peachy Parrot
4. Lion Fruit Snack
5. Apple Turtle
6. Ernie & Bert Fruit Snack
7. Bunny Pears
8. Apple Owl
9. Scooby Snack
10. Lion Hummus Snack
11. Beelicious Fruit Snack
12. Apple Froggies
13. Phineas & Ferb Fruit
14. Groundhog Fruit Snack
15. Elmo & Big Bird Fruit Snack
16. Octopus Fruit Snack
17. Baby Birdy Eggo Snack
18. Crabby Apple Snack
19. Despicable Me Fruit Snack
20. Clementine Chicks
21. Snowman Fruit Pops
22. Crab on the Beach Fruit Snack

You can view all of our fun Silly Snacks HERE!

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3 comments on “Over 20 of our Fun & Healthy Snacks for Kids!”

  1. Grace @ Eats Amazing

    What a great round up, so many cute ideas!
    Thank you for linking up to Fun Food Friday!

  2. Great roundup! I love new ideas for healthy foods for my kiddos! It would be fantastic if you would link this up at Tips and Tricks Tuesday, where we share healthy living advice. Most of us are looking to set healthy examples for our whole family and would love these ideas!

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