Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Eggnog Fudge | Yummy Chrismas fudge recipe with Eggnog

Eggnog Fudge

Eggnog Fudge is a decadent Christmas treat that’s rich and creamy and so easy to make that you can whip it...

Gingerbread Donuts | A delicious Christmas breakfast recipe, homemade donuts made with gingerbread!

Gingerbread Donuts

Gingerbread Donuts feature the season’s favorite flavors, like molasses and cinnamon with the addition of a nice little gingersnap crunch.

The BEST Holiday Party Games

The BEST Holiday Party Games

We gathered up the BEST Holiday Party Games to share with you today. These ideas are so much fun and easy...

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole | A yummy Christmas breakfast to make if you love french toast and cinnamon rolls!

Cinnamon Roll French Toast Casserole

This recipe takes an already delicious French Toast Casserole and kicks it up a notch with the addition of yummy cinnamon...

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffle | Delicious Christmas treat for adults!

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Boozy Christmas Chocolate Truffles are quick, easy, and so good that you’ll be proud to take them to any Christmas party.