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Gingerbread Man Oreos

Gingerbread Man Oreos

If you are an Oreo lover like me, you’re going to love this. These super cute gingerbread man Oreos are adorable!...

Dip Oreo Cookies in white chocolate then toss on lots of tiny marshmallows and a candy lamb head. These Oreo Sheep make the perfect Easter treat.

Oreo Sheep

Turn store bought Oreo Cookies into adorably cute sheep for your Easter baskets. Each Oreo Sheep is coated in white chocolate...


We are on day 5 of our Star Wars goodies and will be sharing the rest of our Star Wars party...

Patriotic Blondies feature

Patriotic Blondies

The Patriotic Blondies are the perfect way to celebrate our independence with a soft, and crumbly Oreo-flavored dessert topped with sprinkles.


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