Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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Mini Meatloaf

Mini Meatloaf Recipe

Mini Meatloaf Recipe is the perfect classic meatloaf flavor in just the right individual servings. Ready in only 35 minutes from...

Taco Tater Tot Casserole

Taco Tater Tot Casserole

Taco Tater Tot Casserole is the perfect answer to the question, “what’s for dinner?” It’s so easy to make this kid-friendly...

KFC Coleslaw

KFC Coleslaw Recipe

For the perfect homemade coleslaw, make this delicious Copycat KFC Coleslaw Recipe. Toss together finely chopped cabbage and carrots with minced...

Crack Potatoes

Crack Potatoes Recipe

For a flavor-packed potato side dish, make this delicious Crack Potatoes recipe. Tender potatoes topped with a seasoned creamy ranch sauce...

Pork Chop Casserole

Pork Chop Casserole

Pork Chop Casserole is an incredibly easy dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Tender pork chops smothered in a creamy...

Chicken Crescent Rolls

Chicken Crescent Rolls

For a super flavorful chicken casserole, make these Chicken Crescent Rolls. Shredded chicken in a creamy sauce seasoned with ranch dressing,...


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