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Party With Sweet Treats GIVEAWAY & Book Review!

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Party With Sweet Treats
For those of you that have followed along with us for years pretty much know at this point how much we adore Norene from Party Pinching.  She is known for her cleverness with taking store bought goodies and turning them into the most adorable treats that you will find.
We are excited to give you a sneak peak of her second book Party with Sweet Treats!  We also get to offer you a Giveaway for one of you to win this fantastic book!  
This is a Instagram Giveaway and you can enter HERE. Just a simple comment and this could be yours!! 
Party With Sweet Treats
Good luck!
You can purchase her new book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble…this is a must have for anyone that likes to have fun in the kitchen AND you don’t even need any skills…really easy stuff!
This book is filled with tons of awesome party ideas that take just minutes to decorate. We could not even pick out our favorites and had to just open up the book & point on which ones to share…they are all so cute!
Check out these little grill bites…you just can’t get any cuter than this.  Seriously…look at those tiny candy hot dogs. We have included the recipe…so fun!


Brownie Grill Bites
Brownie Grill Bites
So Barbecute.
A perfect goody for the Grillmaster.
6 Little Brownie Bites (such as Entenmann’s)
1 (.67 oz.) tube of black writing gel
12 red Mike and Ike candies
2 green Mike and Ike candies
2 yellow Mike and Ike candies
2 pink Mike and Ike candies
6 toothpicks
18 lollipop sticks
½ cup chocolate melted candy coating
12 dark brown M&M’s
1. With the
black writing gel, make a circle around the top edge of the brownie bite. Then make grill lines with the writing gel inside of
the circle.
2. Using the
black edible marker, make little grill marks on the red Mike & Ike candies
so   they look like hot dogs. Place hot
dogs on top of brownie grill.
3. Slice the
green, yellow, orange and pink Mike & Ike candies into thirds.
4. Place one
sliced Mike & Ike of each color onto a toothpick for the skewer. Place on          brownie grill.
5. Cut lollipop
sticks into approximately 2” lengths. Push 2 sticks into the bottom of the        brownie.
6. Melt
chocolate candy coating wafers according to package instructions.
7. Attach the
M&M’s to the bottom of the lollipop sticks for wheels using the melted
candy             coating.


Makes 6 Brownie Grill Bites
This Peanut Butter Cracker Checkers Game is one of my personal favorites.  How clever is this?!  Instead of setting the pieces aside as you play…you get to eat them! This is my kind of game and would be a huge hit with guests for any game night.
Peanut Butter Cracker Checkers Game
Panda Snack Cakes and Snow Cone Cake simple to make and absolutely adorable!


Panda Snack Cakes and Snow Cone Cake Pops
There are so many ideas for parties and Holidays like these Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes & Bunny Truffle Cupcakes


Circus Animal Cookie Cupcakes & Bunny Truffle Cupcakes
My boys picked out their favorites from the book. My youngest loved the Golf Donuts the best…
Golf Donuts
My 8 year old loved the Camping Themed Treats….


My 8 year old loved the Camping Themed Treats
They also thought that the Mini Popsicle Cupcakes were the most clever…
They also thought that the Mini Popsicle Cupcakes were the most clever
If you like to create easy to make goodies that are incredibly cute, you will LOVE this book!  This would also make a fantastic gift to anyone that you know that loves to be in the kitchen…including kids.
Make sure to follow along with Party Pinching on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, & Twitter for a ton of cute treat ideas!

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