Patriotic Pigs in a Blanket!

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We came up with this fun way to serve pigs in a blanket for 4th of July and these are pretty easy to make! These would be a fun thing to serve at a July 4th party and kids will love them! I called these pigs in a blanket, but we made them with turkey hot dogs!

Patriotic Pigs in a Blanket

Hot Dogs
Crescent Rolls
1 Egg
1 tsp Water
Blue Food Coloring
Wooden Skewers
Any White Block Cheese (Swiss, White Cheddar, Monterey..whatever you like)

We preheated our oven to 350. We beat 1 egg with 1 tsp of water. Take the crescent rolls out of the package. We cut into 3 strips like the picture below and cut off the pointed ends….

Take the 2 strips and wrap around the hot dog. Spread the wrapped dough with the egg wash. Squeeze 4 to 5 drops of blue food coloring in a small bowl. Brush the food coloring on half the the crescent so you have strips of red (hot dog), white (crescent), and blue (food colored crescent). Place on a baking pan and put in the oven for 8 minutes or until lightly tan in color.

Push the wooden skewer in the middle of the hot dog and poke it through the top. Cut thick slices of your block cheese and then cut out stars with a star cookie cutter. Poke the stars on the top of the stick.

You can also leave out the blue food coloring if you do not like to use food coloring…they will still look super cute! Here are my oldest boys with their Patriotic Pigs in a Blanket….

My friend Beth over at Hungry Happenings made these fun Carrot Crescents filled with Egg Salad for Easter. I was inspired to make these July 4th Hot Dogs by using food coloring on crescents like she did with these Carrot Crescents…aren’t they cute!

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7 comments on “Patriotic Pigs in a Blanket!”

  1. Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    I love these and am happy to have inspired you, not that you need it with all those wonderful creative ideas floating around in your head. I'd be excited to have these served at a picnic.

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