Peppermint Patty Penguin Pops for Valentine’s Day!

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We came up with turning York Peppermint Patties into penguins a few years ago for Christmas and we changed them up this year to celebrate Valentines Day! These are super easy to make and your friends will think you are so “cool” when you give one of these Peppermint Patty Penguin Pops to them.

Valentine Peppermint Penguin Pops

Peppermint Patty Penguin Pops


  • York Peppermint Patties
  • Heart Candies
  • Edible Eyes
  • Chocolate Cookie Icing
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Decorative Straws (optional)


  1. Carve out the front of the peppermint patty into a heart shape using a knife. Try to keep the chocolate in large pieces.
  2. We cut out little hearts for wings using kitchen scissors.
  3. Just press the little heart wings on the sides. If they do not stick you can use a little bit of icing.
  4. Attach on the heart candies using the icing for the feet.
  5. You can press on the edible eyes & heart beak without using icing & they will stick.
  6. Make a hole in the bottom of the patty using a knife & press in a lollipop stick.
  7. We put our sticks in decorate straws.

That’s it…SO easy & we are sure your Valentine will love them!
Valentine Peppermint Penguin Pops
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York Peppermint Penguin Pops
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4 comments on “Peppermint Patty Penguin Pops for Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Can I ask where you found those little candy hearts? Do you remember the brand? Looking at or peppermint patties it looks like I would need rather small candy hearts for them to fit and have the right size ratio. Thank you for the idea by the way!

    1. Hi Jenny! I am pretty sure they were Sweet Tarts that you find in the grocery stores around Valentine’s Day.

  2. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    Ahh, so cute. I loved your first penguin pops, but these are even cuter, if that's possible!

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