Pizza Cake Pops!

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Pizza Cake Pops!

These pepperoni and veggie Pizza Cake Pops have to be one of the funnest things that we have made. The boys got such a kick out of these and they are so easy to make!

We made the pepperoni pizzas using pre packaged mini short cakes (Kroger brand 4 for $1), red frosting (we made ours, but you could use pre made), 1 white chocolate bar or white chocolate bark, 1 red fruit roll up, and lollipop sticks.

We made the veggie pizzas using the mini short cakes, red frosting, white chocolate, red & green gum drops, black Tizzlers, and lollipop sticks.

Spread the red frosting onto the middle of the shortcakes leaving the edges. Take a sharp knife and shave off some white chocolate to look like cheese. Sprinkle that onto the frosting. We used a very small round cookie cutter to cut out our pepperonis from the fruit roll up. Cut small pieces off of the red and green gum drops to look like peppers. Cut small pieces from the black Twizzler to look like olives. There is a whole in the middle so this works well. Make sure to poke in your lollipop stick towards the back where most of the cake is. My boys were running around with these and they stayed put!

Pizza Cake Pops!
Pizza Cake Pops!

You could also get creative and make Hawaiin pizza using candy to make canadian bacon with pineapple or maybe sausage using cut up tootsie rolls!

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14 comments on “Pizza Cake Pops!”

  1. Mindie Hilton

    I love these. I already know I am going to feature these on Thursday afternoon. Thanks for linking to Bacon Time.

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