Princess Cupcakes

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Princess Cupcakes

We hope all of you had a wonderful Easter! We had a lot of fun this year. My 1 year old even won a $150 prize in a silver egg while Easter egg hunting…woohoo! My boys had fun playing with their little neighborhood girlfriend through out the weekend so I decided to make her a Princess Cupcake using a extra cupcake we had from making Easter cupcakes. We also had left over Easter candy. She just LOVED it! My boys wanted me to very clear that they had nothing to do with this cupcake. They would never make a princess anything…there I said it!

To make a Princess Cupcake you need…

1 Ice Cream Cone
A White Frosted Cupcake
Mini Star Candies (from Easter sprinkles)
2 Edible Eyes
Pink Candy Melts
1 Individual Rainbow Pull a Part Twizzler Pack
Pink Lips Candy (or you could use a little pink heart)
1 Lollipop Stick

I melted a hand full of pink candy melts in the microwave then dipped the cone to cover. I wrapped around yellow twizzlers around to the top. I placed little white and yellow stars on. Let dry on wax paper. I poked a couple of the twizzler stings in the top as well. I decorated the face with yellow Twizzler stings for the hair. I pressed on edible eyes and pink lips candy. I cut the ends of a pink Twizzler string to make eye lashes. I put a lollipop stick in the cone and poked it through the cupcake so it wouldn’t fall over. You could also use a popsicle stick.

Just something fun for the little girls. Would be cute for a princess party of even a little girls sleep over!

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9 comments on “Princess Cupcakes”

  1. Too cute! Did this for my daughter years ago using ice cream…her cake was a castle using the cones! Thank you for joining the blog hop at Trendy Treehouse, Tara's Mama, NeeCee at

  2. So cute! I was wondering when I first saw the pic why there was something so pink for your sons. LOL! My son would say the same thing.

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