Pumpkin Bento Lunch

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Pumpkin Bento Lunch

We have started to make some fun & easy bento school lunches for Halloween. This Pumpkin Bento Lunch is super easy to make and a fun way to get the kids to eat carrots without complaining! We used a Easy Lunchboxes Container.

Pumpkin Bento Lunch

2 Pieces of Bread
Cheddar Cheese
Turkey (optional)
1 Carrot
1 Clementine
Large Pretzel Stick
1 Fruit Leather Strip
Pumpkin Shaped Cookies (found at World Market)
Black Edible Marker

We cut our bread, cheese, and turkey with a pumpkin shaped cookie cutter. You could also just shape it yourself using kitchen scissors if you do not have a cutter. We placed the turkey in the middle of the 2 bread slices and the cheese on top. We cut a small strip from our fruit leather using kitchen scissors. We cut the strip into triangles to make the pumpkin face for the sandwich. We put lettuce under the pumpkin sandwich for the kids to put on the sandwich at lunchtime. We place 2 pumpkin shaped cookies on the sides of the sandwich to look like a pumpkin patch.

We cut a large peeled carrot into slices. We then snipped out 2 corners from the top using kitchen scissors to shape the slices into pumpkins. We did end up squeezing a bit of ranch dressing on the side to dip the pumpkin carrots in.

We cut a small circle from the top of a clementine. We broke off a piece of a large pretzel stick and pushed it into the top. We used black edible marker to make a pumpkin face. We cut a piece of a green grape to look like a leaf.

Pretty easy for a Halloween lunch this cute right?!

Pumpkin Bento Lunch

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