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Reese’s Baby Birdy Pops

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We wanted to make something fun with our favorite candy Reese’s so we came up with these fun Baby Birdy Pops! They are very easy to make. In fact…I was really trying to mess one up so I would have a excuse to eat it, but it didn’t happen even when trying!:) Pretzels pair up well with Reese’s cups so my boys really loved these!

Reese’s Baby Birdy Pops

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Reese’s Pieces
Mini M&M’s
Pretzels Sticks
Assorted Sprinkles
Black Edible Marker
White & Chocolate Cookie Frosting
Decorative Straws or Lollipop Sticks

We started out by laying our wax paper and assembling the baby birds. We used yellow & orange Reese’s pieces. We attached two of them together for the head & body using cookie frosting. We also attached assorted sprinkles for the beak & hair. We used yellow mini M&M’s for the wings. We used mini star sprinkles for the feet. We made eyes using black edible marker. Let that dry.

Attach pretzel sticks on top of the Reese’s peanut butter cup using the chocolate cookie frosting to secure. Once that dries squeeze a little bit of the frosting on the top of the straw or stick. Press into the bottom of the Reese’s cup about half way through and place the stick in a juice glass to let dry.

Here is a close up…

My 2 older boys with their Reese’s Baby Birdy Pops!

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These are so fun. You must have very small and nimble fingers to make those tiny little chicks. They are adorable in their nests.

Mmmm, this is making me want a Reese's right now 🙂

Really cute!!

Sooooo cute and tasty too 🙂

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