Shortcut Monster Finger Treats

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Rice Krispies Monster Finger Treats

We receive big boxes of snacks from Kellogg’s since I have teamed up with as their cooking with kids expert. I have to grab what I need very quickly from these boxes before my kids dive in! Most people would think the amount of snacks we receive would last us for months, but not in my house full of boys! I did get to my hands on some Rice Krispie Treats before my boys could get to them and we thought it would be fun to make these easy Shortcut Monster Finger Treats for Halloween!

Shortcut Monster Finger Treats

Pre-Packaged Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Treats
Betty Crocker Green Cookie Frosting
Sliced Almonds

All you do is cut the Rice Krispies Treat in half with a knife (to make 2 fingers). Squeeze a little green cookie frosting on the top. Place a sliced almond on top of the frosting to look like a finger nail. Squeeze more green frosting in the middle of the finger to make the knuckle lines. Let set and that is it!

These would be a super easy treat to make for a Halloween party!

Use Half of The Rice Krispies bar To Make Two Fingers

You could also spray some of them green with Wilton green edible spray….

Rice Krispies Monster Fingers

Here is a close up….

Close up of Monster Finger Treats

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