Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok

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It seems like every couple of weeks there is a new challenge for kids to do. Lately, there has been a skull breaker challenge on TikTok, which doctors are now saying could be fatal. Parents are warning everyone to keep their children safe.

Skull Breaker Challenge

This challenge started in Spain. Three people stand in a line and jump up. While they are jumping, the two people on the outside kick as hard as they can the middle person, trying to make them fall. What may have started out as a fun challenge is now seriously hurting children.

The middle person will fall onto the ground and injure either their head, wrist, or entire body, thus being called the skull breaker.

One kid from Venezuela tried this challenge at school and was shown to fall on the back of their head.

From this challenge, at least two children have been hospitalized in the United States, along with many others being injured around the world.

One of the videos has since been removed from social media, but the video is archived on Twitter.

Two Injured

There are two known stories about those in the United States who were in the hospital for completing this challenge.

A mother in Arizona posted on Facebook about her son’s experience along with a picture of him bruised up in the hospital. When the boys kicked him, he fell onto the back of his head and lost consciousness.

The boys laughed while he lay on the ground. At the hospital, he had a head injury, multiple stitches, and problems with his mouth and teeth.

Another mom is Alabama shared a similar experience. Her son was the middle person in the challenge who now has to get surgery on his wrist. He has two broken bones in his wrists which will have to have pins and screws for the rest of his life.


A TikTok spokesman discussed this new issue. He stated that safety is a huge priority to this app. They will be taking serious measures to stop these videos.

In their guidelines, it states that they do not allow any videos that harm anyone and will remove them if found on TikTok.

Currently, these dangerous videos are being replaced by “skull saver” videos that promote this challenge in a nondangerous way as well as give public announcements warning about how fatal this challenge actually can be.

Doctors Advice

Even doctors have started making statements about just how dangerous this stunt actually is. One doctor, Nathan Richards describes how this challenge can be fatal.

He talks about how this can lead to concussions, brain injuries, bleeding in the brain, paralysis, and even death in some cases.

One psychologist, Sabrina Skyes, talks about why teens are engaging in this hurtful challenge. She believes it involves social pressure and wanting to gain followers and be accepted as a “cool” person in school.

However, a big factor is also that the prefrontal cortex of teens is not fully developed at all. Thus, making it very hard to make good and healthy decisions.

Despite all of this, parents can and should advocate for their teens. Skyes believes that parents should know what is out there that can be harmful to their teenagers, including these challenges, and warn them of the dangers.

While they may have trouble rationally thinking, if parents are involved, they can help their teens make better choices.

So, warn your child about this new skull breaker challenge on TikTok. Help them avoid it at all costs. Do whatever you have to to protect your child.

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