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Slithering Snake Burrito

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Slithering Snake Burrito

We have mexican night once a week and we always love coming up with fun mexican themed food! My boys used to get upset when I bought spinach quesadillas. However, now they ask for them knowing that we will most likely make something fun out of them. We made Slithering Snake Burrito’s the other night and my boys thought that this was Ssssssso cool! These are also very easy to make!

Slithering Snake Burrito

1 Spinach Tortilla
Shredded Cheese
Beans (we used black & red)
Brown Rice
Sour Cream
1 Tomato Slice (or red bell pepper slice)

Take your spinach tortilla and cut it in half. We layered our beans, cheese, and rice on top (use what you like). Ours looked like this…

Making A burrito

Take your tortilla half and roll it up starting from the long flat edge. Microwave the rolled burritos for 1-2 minutes. Take them out of the microwave and bend them just a bit in the middle. Place them on the plate to look like a snake. Push the end of one burrito in the end of the other burrito to connect them. Cut the back side end to a point and do the same for the front top end. Cut the sides of the top with kitchen scissors and flare the tortilla out a bit to look like a snake head. We cut a hand full of cooked red beans in half and made a V pattern on top of the snake. This covered up with seam.

We used sour cream for the eyes by placing it on with a spoon. We used black beans for the pupils. We cut a piece of a tomato for the tongue. You could also cut a piece of a red pepper.

Slithering Snake Burrito

Here is the top view….

Slithering Snake Burrito

Here is a side view….

Slithering Snake Burrito

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what a fun way to eat a burrito

This is AWESOME !!

This looks fun!

I might be able to convince my kids to try this burrito! Just pinned. So fun! Vicky from

How much fun is this?!

Caleb will flip For this!!!

My youngest daughter would love this! Every time we make our "creative lunches" she asks for a snake. My oldest is the one who always wants something new! 🙂

Thanks for sharing!


That's Talent!

Wow- that's amazingly creative and fun.

I'd love it if you could link up to our new food meme- Wonderful Food Wednesday.

Jessica @ At Home Take 2

Too cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to Tasty Thursdays at The Mandatory Mooch. I hope you will link up again this week. The party will be live tonight!!

Thanks, Nichi

I absolutely love this! I featured it this week on the Mrs – come on by and check it out, and pin something else to the board while you're at it!



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