S’mores Flower Pot Pops

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S'mores Flower Pot Pops

The kids really loved the s’mores ice cream pops that we made so we thought it would be cute to make s’mores flower pots.

To make a flower pot you need 1 large graham cracker, 1 square marshmallow, chocolate and white cookie frosting, 2 large marshmallows, green fruit roll up, colored sprinkles, and a long lollipop stick.

Break the graham cracker in half to make 2 squares. Cut the sides of the square slanted down to look like a flower pot. Squeeze chocolate frosting on both of the inside graham cracker squares. Top one of them with a square marshmallow and press the other graham cracker on top. Set aside to dry.

When dry poke the lollipop stick through the marshmallow and let a couple of inches or so of the stick pop out of the top (leave enough for the flower and stem). Cut a small strip from the green fruit roll up and wrap around the stick. Cut a couple of other small pieces to make the 2 leaves…they will stick. Cut each large marshmallow into 4 slices then cut 3 of those pieces in half with your kitchen scissors….a total of 7 pieces. Use one of the dry sides for the middle of the flower and use the sticky sides of the other marshmallow pieces to dip in whatever colored sprinkles you want to use. Press the middle marshmallow on the top of the stick and glue on the other colored marshmallow slices with white cookie frosting. Set aside and let dry.
S'mores Flower Pot Pops
The kids really had fun with these!

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