Snow Globe Photo Ornaments

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Snow Globe Photo Ornaments – Taylor Hill made these adorable Christmas ornaments for her class and was so kind to let us share with all of you. She said the kids had a blast making them and they were so easy to make.

Such a cute keepsake idea!!

Christmas Snow Globe Photo Ornaments

Other ideas for these adorable snow globe photo ornaments – you could also use larger ornaments and add the whole family and one for the dog, etc…

Snow Globe Photo Ornaments

Snow Globe Photo Ornaments


Clear Plastic Ornaments

Printed Photos

Hot Glue

White Glitter

Holiday Ribbon

Taylor’s directions…

I had the kids stand near but not right up next to each other in front of a plain wall so it would be easy to see their outlines and turned the camera horizontal. I asked them to put their arms up like they were yelling surprise or like they had just thrown snow in the air. This made them the right size to fit in the ornament. I printed the photos, cut out each kid, folded back the bottom of the photo about a 1/4 inch and hot glued it to one half of the ornament. Holding it on it’s side, I poured in white glitter and then hot glued the two sides together (learned that one the hard way (the first thing the kids do is try to open their ornaments). Tie a ribbon through and voila! instant ornament!

Check out these cute Snow Globe Ornaments made from Plastic Cups! Also a fun and easy idea for a Holiday class party for school!

Christmas Snow Globe Cup Ornaments


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4 comments on “Snow Globe Photo Ornaments”

  1. Ella Woodward

    This year I wanted to make some homemade ornaments with photos. Our oldest daughter, Heather bought her first home back in March, and I thought the picture of her holding the “sold” sign in front of the house would be a fun little keepsake ornament for her first tree in her own home. These Homemade Snow Globe Photo Ornaments are a fun easy project and will make a wonderful personalized gift, addition to any tree or tie one onto a gift for extra special gift wrapping.

  2. Tammy Ciotti

    Are these the ornaments the split open?? Into two parts…..just wondering how u get the pic inside